imageIf you need a spanking, please email me and I’ll make sure you are dealt with correctly! I love role-play, but I’m just as happy to spank without it having a good chat whilst being spanked is a lovely way to pass the day. I can play all sorts of roles, schoolmistress, strict auntie, 50’s mom, governess, policewoman, strict boss, headmistress, matron, riding mistress and many more. I have quite a few different outfits and I will try to have pictures of them all on the site over a period I’m not into anything heavy at all and I respect all limits, I am more into the light-hearted fun side of spanking, and I prefer sting rather than hurt! And although I don’t cane exceptionally hard, you would certainly feel it! I do also like to be spanked, but again I don’t like anything hard. I don’t have a very high tolerance and I mark very easily so I have to be very careful. I will allow some implements to be used as long as they are used fairly gently. I don’t remove any clothing, but I do allow a spanking on the bare bottom. I live in Maidenhead (Berkshire) and I work weekday daytime only if you would like to make an appointment to visit.


My time will be £120 per hour. Please feel free to contact me with your reservation enquiry.

  • OTK Spanking
  • Caning
  • Petticoat Punishment
  • Role-play
  • Hand Strapping
  • American Paddle
  • Headmistress
  • Strict Aunt
  • Naughty Schoolgirl
  • 1950s Wife
  • 1950s Aunt
  • Headgirl
  • Frenchmaid

No ! !

I do NOT get involved in anything sexual at all and I don’t appreciate wandering hands as I am here for spanking, not to be groped. I don’t allow any kind of relief including self-relief. I am also not a mistress and don’t do things such as foot worship, bondage or anything else BDSM related. Please look elsewhere for those services.
Thank you